Monday, May 20, 2019

Holy Baptism

In the Order for Holy Baptism, the Pastor addresses parents and sponsors of young children to be baptized:

“In Christian love you have presented these children for Holy Baptism. 
You should, therefore, faithfully bring them to the services of God’s house,
and teach them the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments.
As they grow in years, you should place in their hands the Holy Scriptures
and provide for their instruction in the Christian faith, that living in the
covenant of their Baptism and in communion with the Church,
they may
lead godly lives until the day of Jesus Christ.

Do you promise to fulfill these obligations?

Response: I Do (Lutheran Book of Worship, page 121)


To assist parents in fulfilling these obligations, St. John’s Lutheran Church takes seriously the process by which a child or adult is Baptized and then raised in the Christian Faith. Therefore the following steps are recommended:



When an infant or child is baptized, parents will schedule a meeting with the Pastor to discuss what Baptism means, date and time for the Baptism, and the expectations that the parents are accepting as they raise their child in the Christian faith. It is therefore assumed that at least one of the parents is a member of St. John’s. If this is not the case, the pastor in which the parent’s membership is held must give their permission for the Baptism to occur at St. John’s. If neither parent is worshipping in a congregation, they will be encouraged to make that commitment at St. John’s or another congregation in their home area.


When an adult is baptized, they meet with Pastor to discuss what Baptism means, date and time for the Baptism, and the expectations that they are accepting as they grow in the Christian faith.



Normally all baptisms in this congregation will take place within a worship service involving the gathered congregation. A private baptism most often occurs in an emergency situation, and requires a public affirmation of the baptism at a congregational worship service as soon thereafter as possible, with the newly baptized, parents, and/or sponsors present.



Infant and child baptisms will be preceded by at least one instructional session for both parents, provided by the Pastor. Adult baptism will be preceded by a period of instruction provided by the Pastor.



Because the Sacrament of Holy Baptism takes place during a worship service, there is to be no photography during the service. Family and friends are invited to stay following the service for pictures.



If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Pastor to discuss a Baptism, please call the Church Office.