Monday, May 20, 2019


The marriage ceremony in the Christian Church is more than a legalization of the request of two people to live together as husband and wife. A Christian marriage is one that bases itself on God’s order of creation. God created man and woman to marry and raise children within a loving relationship grounded in God’s love for us. The ceremony itself is then a Worship Service in which the bride and groom declare their love, making their promises before God and His people, and God blesses their marriage.

Since the center of all worship services at St. John’s is Jesus Christ, God incarnate, the marriage ceremony must be centered in Christ. To assist you in making plans for your Christian marriage, the pastor and congregational council offer guidelines for your wedding.

For complete guidelines about Weddings at St. John’s, including those regarding premarital counseling, photography, and recommended fees, please click here. (PDF File)